What is Esports?

Esports (also electronic sports, competitive gaming, and professional gaming) is an overall term used to describe competition in video games between professional players. Players usually belong to a specific team or sports organization sponsored by different companies. The most common types of video games related to esports include real-time strategies (eg StarCraft II), fighting games (eg Street Fighter IV), sports video games (eg FIFA), first-person shooting games (eg Counter-Strike) and MOBA multiplayer battle arenas (e.g. League of Legends or LoL).

Esports includes individual (StarCraft II) and team (CS: GO) competition with opponents according to a special set of rules. The predominant organizational model of esports focuses on competitions that fans can watch live or broadcast on various online media (e.g. or Youtube), while professional commentators make it easier to follow the game.

Source: Wikipedia

Why become an eathlete?

All indications are that esports will be the future of the sport. While this sounds like an extremely bold statement, on the other hand, there is evidence for it. In 2019, esports was watched by almost half a billion people. This fact puts esports ahead of golf and rugby in terms of viewership. Also, this number can already be compared to the ratings of basketball in the US. The League of Legends finals alone surpassed leagues such as the MLB (Major League Baseball), NBA (National Basketball Association), and NHL (National Hockey League) last year.

An even more convincing fact is that from year to year the number of esports enthusiasts who regularly follow esports competitions are growing by 16%.

Although for the time being the traditional sport is still bigger, but esports offers enthusiasts a whole new form of entertainment where the viewer can not only watch but also participate. It is also encouraging that the esports market will exceed 1.1 billion this year, which is almost 16% more than last year.

One of the reasons for such growth of esports is also easier accessibility, which was nicely shown during the Covid-19 epidemic. While all competitions related to traditional sports stopped during this time, esports flourished. The reason for this lies in the fact that an esports event can also be organized remotely.

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